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Helping you beat the books the easy way...

I can teach your grandma how to beat the books in 15 minutes and I don't care if she can't tell the difference between a hockey puck and a football bat!

From the Desk of Sam Oconnel,
Sports Betting Authority

To ALL Sports Bettors,

There's a reason you lose money betting on sports. It's because everything you know is WRONG.

It's not your fault. It's just that your information comes from faulty sources and assumptions that just are not true.

For example, you think it is "normal" to risk more money than you can win when the odds of the outcome are 50-50. And that information comes straight from the sports books who exist to fleece suckers. Don't you find it strange that their most common bet is nothing more than flipping coins and taking 10% of what the winner makes while the loser pays them off? And that the bet is considered "normal"?

I am sure you also think that to make money betting on sports you have to win more games than you lose. That's only true if you fall for the sucker bets the book claims is normal. The truth is, the harder you try to win a higher percentage of your bets, the more likely it is you will lose money because the book will keep you under a monetary disadvantage with bad lines and you never know it.

And I would also bet you think to win a lot of money you have to bet a lot of games. That is only true if you want the books to make a lot of YOUR money. Some experts call it "spreading the risk" but it is really multiplying the risk.

The reason I can teach your grandma to win money betting on sports so quickly is because she doesn't have all of the misconceptions and dead wrong ideas that you have.

But not to worry. I can still teach you win. It just takes a little longer.

The hardest thing you will have to do to start winning is to admit you have been wrong all along about what you were doing and how you thought about sports betting.

That's never an easy thing to do, and I respect that. But it's not your fault for following along with the so-called experts. When almost everybody falls victim to the same scam, you can't blame yourself for trying to beat the rigged game right along with them.

If you are like most people, you are not looking to get rich betting on sports. All you really want to do is win a little money and have a LOT of fun doing it.

You are not one of those people who believe in the can't lose bet. All you want is to know how to gain an advantage you can use to win some money from the books.

What you want to know is the right way to play the game, and that is what I teach. There's no trick to it.

All I try to do is replace what you are doing wrong now, with what has proven to be the right way to approach sports betting. Your competition is the books, and I teach you how to beat them rather than trying to pick which team is going to win a game.

What really matters is RESULTS.


Here is what you will soon discover.

Doing things right makes winning almost automatic. Doing things wrong makes losing inevitable.

All you have to do to start winning is build a strategy (system) that, when followed, keeps you doing the right things by eliminating the things you do wrong.

So I set out to build just such a system that would help anybody win.

And it was very successful.

Once it was complete and was consistently winning money, it was time to put it to the test.

I knew it worked well for me... I was making a pretty good profit.

But that wasn't enough.

I wanted to find out how good it was when compared against the results of a professional handicapper... Several professional handicappers.

Maybe I could do as good as they were.

To see how my results would stack up against the best in the business, I signed up at Best Sports Picks Today and posted picks there for about 18 months. That was long enough to get me to the long term, and give me a comparison to the best handicappers out there.

Below are the documented results of that test.

Let's examine the results of my test.


I started in September 2011, and posted regularly there until May of 2013. Here is what happened.

I was the 2011 Top Winner for the year.

And here are the Final results from 2012, where I was again the Top Winner for the year.

I won Handicapper of The Month in January and April 2012.

I was also Runner Up for Handicapper of the Month 4 Times

October 2011, November 2011, March 2012, October 2012

I was also 4th in May 2012, and 3rd in July 2012.

And here are the All Time results as of February 10, 2016

Even 2 1/2 years after I quit posting regular picks there, I am STILL the All Time leader.

And these results are against some of the best PAID handicappers on the internet. These are not monkeys with darts. These guys put their reputation on the line with every pick so you know they take it seriously.

You may want to know about the winning percentage and ROI (Return on Investment) when using the systems and strategies. The answer is in the numbers.

I earned over 15% ROI on every dollar bet for over 18 months, with a winning percentage of 40%.

That is the power of a good strategy and what happens when you eliminate all of the bad bets (mistakes).



Do you wanna know the secret to winning?

Sports betting is about winning money, not winning percentage.

You make money by betting the right lines, on the right teams, at the right time.

There's no magic trick...

All you have to do is gain a monetary advantage over the books on every bet you place, and not take any bets where the book has the advantage.

Yes, you can learn how to do it. In fact, it is very easy to do.

The money is in the lines you bet, not the winning percentage.

I don't care who you are, if you bet bad lines you are going to lose.

Here's how you have been lead astray.

The experts try to win 55% or more of their picks, mostly on crappy lines, with the hope of getting a small return.

They focus on lines with a negative return hoping for positive results.

That's pure insanity...

They have it backwards and don't know it. And they are telling you it is the only way to look at the game.

Almost everybody will tell you it takes a 52.4% win rate to profit betting on sports. That's ridiculous, but the thought sure scares you away from the best lines and biggest profits. Probably by design.

The fact is, 98% of the people are going to win between 40 and 55 percent of their bets. If you bet lines that are profitable with a 40% win rate, you will lose more bets and make more money. If you bet on lines that require a 55% win rate to profit you will win more bets and probably lose money.

Now you know the secret to winning money betting on sports.

You have never heard it before because very people understand it.

It is far easier to win 40% of your bets on good lines than it is to win 55% of your bets on bad ones.

Here's the help you need...

Sam Oconnel's Sports Betting Strategy

If there is one thing you have to know to win money betting on sports, it's the importance of strategy.

A mediocre handicapper with a good strategy will beat a good handicapper with a mediocre strategy. Not only beat them, but embarass them.

It's that important. Without the right strategy it is almost impossible to win. With the right strategy, it is almost impossible to lose.

Strategy is more than depositing a few dollars at a book and making bets. That's where everybody starts, but winners take it much farther.

Everything must be controlled.

  • How many games to bet each day
  • How often to bet
  • What odds to take
  • When to sit out
  • What teams to bet on

And that is only the beginning. You will learn everything there is to know when it comes to building a winning strategy.

It is critical to your success to understand the rules of the game. Or to put it more accurately, how to make rules that will put you at an advantage every single day.

Sports betting allows you an opportunity to seize control of the advantage, and KEEP IT.

It's only possible because you get to control all of the rules of the game. And yes, you can set up a game that is almost impossible to lose over the long term.

Soon you will have a complete grasp of EXACTLY what it takes to beat the books. Once you do, you will never look at sports betting the same way again.

And if by chance I have left something out, I am right there with you to answer any question you have.

But there is more to winning than strategy alone...

You also have to know how to analyze the games in a way that takes advantage of your strategy. It's a little different for each sport, so I have created a system for each sport.

You get them all

Major League Baseball Betting System

Baseball is by far the easiest sports to win money in.

Once you have this system you will also find it is the easiest to handicap. That's because there is so much parity in the league that any team can beat any other team on any day.

And there are so many games each day, you will almost always be able to find a good one to bet on.

The system focuses on avoiding mistakes, while saving a lot of time normally wasted looking at bad games.

The lines will lead you to the potentially profitable bets, and the system will eliminate those not worthy of a bet.

You will be left with only the highest value games, and at the same time be making your pick and placing your bets in 15 minutes a day.

There is only one word for this system ..... POWERFUL

NHL Betting System

Hockey is another game that is easy to win at. A lot of games plus a lot of parity equals a lot of profits.

But you have to do it right.

This is without question the best NHL betting system you will find anywhere.

It makes quick work of picking a good game, whether it be a straight money line play or the more profitable Puck Line bets.

**** But let me give you a warning... If you don't have this system, stay way from the Puck Lines. A money line game in hockey is relatively easy to pick, but most Puck Line bets are bad if you don't know what you are doing. ****

The goal with this and all the systems is to eliminate your mistakes so every bet is profitable for the long term.

Even if you never watched a hockey game, you can beat the books. And it's EASY.

NBA Betting System

The NBA is not the easiest sport to win money at, but I will show you how.

It starts by creating parity where none exists. The best teams will beat the worst teams like clockwork, so you have to have a way to eliminate both the best and the worst. You will learn a unique way to do that.

The best way to win in the NBA is to put mediocrity against mediocrity.

By taking advantage of some pretty good lines and real probabilities of the outcome, you will make long term profits betting on the NBA.

NFL Betting System

Everybody bets on the NFL, but most don't win.

The books make three times as much profit off of NFL bettors as they do from any other sport. The only way to stop them from picking your pocket is with a conservative strategy that eliminates their advantage.

That is what you will learn with this simple, yet outstanding system


I am going to hold your hand all the way as you learn how to beat the books in every sport. With these systems and the unbeatable strategy, you will make profits like never before. And if you ever have a question, the answer is an email away.


My Commitment to You

I know what I show you is different. It works differently than what you may be used to, and the results are significantly better when properly applied.

That's why I give you the best support in the business.

The ebook will give you the information you need, and my personal support will help you transition it into the real world where profits happen.

You will never have to go it alone.

Any question, any time.

You can expect very thorough and timely responses, and you will get them.

I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

You will get a 60 Day money back guarantee. If after 30 days you are not winning, I will refund you purchase price with no questions asked.

Nothing beats winning ... You will see.

Do something for yourself today.

My systems and strategies are not only different, but REVOLUTIONARY! (Sorry, that was almost hype, but I mean it).

You will never look at sports betting the same way again.

Understanding the REAL game makes all the difference in the world. The teams on the field don't matter. Your competition is the sports book. That's the game you need to focus on.

You will master the game between yourself and the sports books, and you will win money doing the same thing to them that they have been doing to you, by gaining a monetary advantage on every bet you place.

And I will be holding your hand all the way as you learn. There will be no unanswered questions. I promise you that.

No more wasted time looking at useless information.

No more wasted money on bad lines.

You will know how to eliminate the mistakes and bad bets that cause you to lose, and the result is winning.

The investment is small, only a ONE TIME charge of $77 for everything. .

Imagine spending less time and energy looking for games, and then winning more money with less risk.

With INSTANT DOWNLOAD you can get started right now.