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Hi my Friend,

The dictionary defines the word secret as

"something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others."

The best secrets are not ones actively kept unknown and unseen to you. They are the ones hidden right in front of you. One so cleverly ignored that you fail to see it when you look right at it.

A good secret is usually surrounded by so many "false theories" the truth gets lost among them and remains unnoticed, or even unbelievable when someone looks at it.

That's how it is with sports betting. There is a dirty little secret you don't know, but nobody talks about it because those who are benefitting from the hidden truth have huge fortunes at stake .

The books are in a good position, to say the least.

With all the WRONG information, the fact there could be a secret at all becomes hard to believe.

Anybody who claims to have discovered a way to beat the books is dismissed as another crackpot or scammer, and the idea of a beating the books in the first place is left behind as some kind of fantasy.

In some cases, even SOLID PROOF gets rejected over a preconceived notion put in your mind by those both the players that lose and the books that take their money.

The books know there is a way to beat them, so they treat it as a secret

Just like with any other good secret, they are not actively trying to hide it from you.

There are enough scammers selling "systems" that claim to be the "secret bet", the books don't have to say anything to keep the truth hidden. If somebody actually reveals it, it gets ignored because of all the scammers and their unkeepable promises.

One guy promises you can win 97% of your bets, another promises you will win 90%. And they all promise an easy fortune in sports betting. Many people believe that to be possible, and they are the biggest suckers the books fleece.

Why would the books come in and tell you they really can be beaten, only with the opposite approach?

The books benefit far more from leaving you with impression that anyone who claims to be able to beat them is just another con man out to scam you. And yes, there are a lot of scammers out there that support that impression so the books don't have to work hard to keep their secret safe.

The books know that they are beatable.

But they also have you convinced they can not be beaten. That anyone saying they can show you how to beat the books CONSISTENTLY, is lying to you or a scammer.

That is a problem for both of us

For you, the problem is going to be in believing what I have to tell you because you have been conditioned to dismiss all facts like I am going to show you, as scams and rip-offs. You have been lead to believe that the books always win and there is no legitimate way to gain an advantage. Much less the HUGE advantage I will show you.

For me, the problem is that I know I can help you beat the the books because I know the truth and how to use it, but you will likely want to believe I am a con man out to scam you instead of the hearing what I am saying. You may even find it difficult to believe when I show you proof in a minute comparing REAL numbers from professional handicappers with my own results.

What does that really mean?

I can help you beat the books consistently by revealing a little known truth, but you will resist my help to the fullest of your abilities even if you believe it's possible.

So here is a SOLUTION for both of us.

For your part, you agree to continue reading with an OPEN MIND. Accept the possiblity that there is a way to gain a big monetary advantage over the books, that I may have found it, and am now attempting to share it with you by making a fair and reasonable offer.

For my part, I will stick only with facts, use real numbers that are verifiable, and not make any promises I don't know I can keep. There will be no hype or BS promises of getting rich tomorrow. Just the truth.

Just the facts will show you everything. I don't need to overstate them because they are impressive on their own.


I want you to know I am a good sports bettor, even if I am not a great marketer.

To build trust right off, I'll start by sharing the books "secret".

So what is this big secret...

The books main job is to put (and keep) you at a monetary disadvantage. They know full well they have absolutely ZERO control over the outcome or the actual odds.

Ever wonder why you pay -110 for a spread bet? The books have spent a great deal of effort to create a 50-50 outcome for the spread bet, and even more effort on creating 50-50 betting for both teams.

The books win by putting both sides at a monetary disadvantage.

The reason you can never beat them consistenty is that the disadvantage is so big you can not overcome it. And that carries on to the money line as well, where most people bet on the favorites with a HUGE monetary disadvantage.

I can hear you now.

BIG DEAL. Everybody knows that's how the books make money. It's a part of the game.

Here's what everbody doesn't see...

The books can only entice you to put yourself at a monetary disadvantage.

They can't force you to.

They can only convince you there is no other way to play.

The books beat you because they have gotten you to accept a monetary disadvantage as a part of the game.

The TRUTH is that just like the books take your money by enticing you into a monetary disdvantage on every bet, you can just as easily win money by putting yourself in a monetary advantage on every bet.

Nobody is hiding that fact from you. You are just so conditioned to accept the disdvantage you completely overlook any other possibility. Even when it makes sense and you see proof for yourself!

Funny thing is, you probably naturally go from good lines to bad lines in a random pattern. Some bets you have an advantage, and most of the the time you don't. It all adds up to the books taking your money over time.

So you accept the disadvantage is in every bet, and try to overcome it by winning a high percentage of your bad bets, leading you to take worse lines and putting yourself at an even bigger monetary disadvantage.

The books are not doing it to you, YOU are doing it to yourself by being enticed into playing bad lines and placing yourself in a monetary disadvantage on most bets.

Even worse, you believe you have no other choice but to play from that disadvantage.

Now, imagine if you could find a simple way to turn the monetary disadvantage you put yourself under into a huge monetary advantage in your favor?


You don't have to imagine it. It's a fact.

The fact that YOU CAN CREATE THIS WINNING SITUATION is the real secret to winning money from the books.

That is what the books don't want you to know. So they keep it hidden in plain sight while they perpetuate the belief they can't be beaten by the average Joe.

And when Sam says he found a legitimate way to beat them, you have been well trained to dismiss it as nonsense.

Don't make that mistake.

I know what I am talking about, and I can prove it.

So now you know the secret.

The truth is, if you pick the right lines on the right teams in the right situations, and ONLY bet those games in a controlled business like manner, you can make a lot of money off of the books.

But knowing the secret is not the same as being able to take advantage of it.

I can tell you the secret, and you can believe it.

But you can only use it to your advantage if you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Here is an example of what I mean

I told you I would only use facts and real life results, so here they are.


Above is the All Time Results from Best Sports Picks Today, as of Feb 11, 2014. The current results can be seen here.

Of course, note that me and my DIY Sports Betting Systems holds the top spot by a large amount, and have held that position for well over two years.

That proves the systems and strategy I use are far more successful at gaining a monetary advantage, and producing results, than professional handicappers.

Let's analyze the results for winning percentage, net profit, and Return on Investment.

129 - 194 +5060 Winning Percentage 39.9% ROI 15.66%

283 - 246 +2741 Winning Percentage 53.5% ROI 5.18%

385 - 355 +2370 Winning Percentage 52.0% ROI 3.20%

139 - 211 +2284 Winning Percentage 39.7% ROI 6.52%

352 - 270 +1975 Winning Percentage 56.6% ROI 3.16%

Look closely at this little chart. It shows clearly that the higher your winning percentage is, the lower your ROI and net profit will be because the greater monetary disadvantage you play from makes it inevitable.

That is a direct result of having to play bad lines to get a higher winning percentage in effort to overcome the monetary disadvantage.

Of the Top 5, 3 have winning percentages above 50%, and I have at least tripled their ROI and doubled their Net Profit with a 40% win rate BY GAINING A HUGE MONETARY ADVANTAGE IN MY BETTING.

My Net Profit of +5060 on 323 bets is about the same as numbers 2 and 3 combined on 1269 bets! That's almost 4 times as many bets from two professional handicappers to make the same net profit.

Let that soak in for a minute.

It took TWO professional handicappers placing 4 times the number of bets and winning 12% more to equal the net profit produced by my systems and strategies.

Why can I win so much more money with so much less risk?


That's why you NEED the DIY Sports Betting Systems.

Simply put, the systems and strategies tell you everything you need to know to turn your current monetary disadvantage into a HUGE monetary advantage in your favor on every bet you place.

Here is some of what you will see in Part One, The Strategy of Sports Betting.

It's all about gaining the monetary advantage by understanding the books business model, the money lines, and how to use them to your advantage. Sections include...

Building the Business Model - This section has my recommendations for bankroll and cash flow management. What good is gaining a monetary advantage if you give it right back to the books? There is no right or wrong way to manage your money, but there are good ways and bad ways.

Making the Rules of the Game - This is not only the most critical aspect of the winning strategy and gaining the monetary advantage in any sport, it is also the one thing NEVER mentioned by your run of the mill sports betting expert. That only proves they know nothing about controlling the monetary advantage. Make the rules to your advantage and you will always win, just like a casino does.

The Basic Strategy - Everybody has heard of Basic Strategy in Blackjack. But there is also a very powerful basic strategy for sports betting. I know, because I invented it and use it to take easy money from the sports books because doing so gives me a huge monetary advantage without even having to think about it. Using my basic strategy builds YOUR advantage into the game.

Smart Progressive Betting - When people think of progressive betting, they think of bet doubling schemes that are doomed to fail. Then they dismiss progressive betting itself as a scam and a sure way to lose money. I am going to show you the "smart" way to use progressive betting to increase your profits by up to 350% over the exact same betting results, with only an additional risk of 1 unit for a three game series.

The truth is, you could just read the first part of the book and know enough to win.

You will be able to go to any book, bet on any sport, and ALWAYS have a huge monetary advantage on every bet.

And even better, you will always be betting on winning teams.

And I guarantee you will not find this information anywhere else. I never did.

I had to learn it the hard and expensive way, and even then I NEEDED some help to understand the right way to approach the game and why. Wthout that help, I would still be losing like most others do instead of tripling the ROI of the best professionals.

Part Two of the book is the systems for the individuals sports.

There is a system for the NHL, NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

The systems for each sport make it foolproof.

Rather than pick 97% winners, these systems are designed to lead you to the right lines on the right games, putting you at a monetary advantage.

That's how you make money betting on sports.

Let me tell you a little more about each system and what they do.


The Complete NFL Betting System is designed to use with the Basic Strategy to take advantage of big lines offered in the NFL. The monetary advantage can be large in the right situations.

By using the same simple information on each game that fits the Basic Srategy, you will be "handicapping" and picking your games in a matter of minutes.

It's about finding equality more than the better team. Instead of asking which team will win the game, you will focus on the ability of the dog to pull it off on any given day. And you only do that on games where the lines put you at a huge monetary advantage.

In the NFL, the money is in the lines and this system will level the playing field and stack the monetary advantage on your side.

Profiting on the NFL has never been this quick and easy.

They will help you bring back the profits, and the fun of betting on the NFL.


The Complete NBA Betting System focuses on the two bigest issues with the NBA, while applying the Basic Strategy.

First, the home court advantage is huge. While that can result in some problems, it can also get you some good numbers on some good teams.

Secondly, the lack of parity is pretty big. The best teams will soundly beat the worst teams almost like clockwork. That makes it essential that you create parity where your betting is concerned, and the system makes easy work of that for you.

This is not commonly available information and it makes finding good bets in the NBA fun and amazingly simple.


The Complete Major League Baseball System is the most powerful of it's kind. Using the mild progression described in Part One strategies makes it nearly unbeatable.

Using the strategies in this simple money line system makes it easy to win. Most of your questions can be answered by telling you what the system is NOT.

It's NOT a HIGH RISK bet doubling scheme like the Sports Betting Champ

It's NOT a Bet Against The Public system like the Sports Betting Professor

It's NOT a Parlay arbitrage system like Dr. Jays Infallible Baseball Betting System

It's NOT an assortment of progressive betting schemes like the Bookie Buster

Winning money betting on baseball is all about using the money lines properly. In a sport where any team can beat any other team, there is a fortune to be made by the smart bettor.

This system guides you to 50-50 games that pay you top dollar. It's almost like playing blackjack, but getting the blackjack payout (or even more) on every winning hand. It's a game that you can hardly lose.

As an option, some mild progressive betting will guarantee a profit with only a 33% win rate by putting up a single extra unit on a three game betting series.

Not only will you win more money playing this system, you will do it in far less time and have a lot more fun.

I haven't watched a baseball game in years, but it's more profitable than ever!!!


The Complete NHL Betting System includes a straight money line betting system based on the Basic Stratey, and a puck line system that can give you a huge monetary advantage on good teams.

You will be able to avoid bad puck line bets, which is most of them, while taking advantage of the good ones which are few.

This puck line system is the big reason that the NHL is almost always my biggest money maker.

The money line system will help you score big payouts on games that are evenly matched. Often, the books are forced to pay out big bucks to keep the betting balanced. The NHL betting system will help you take advantage of those opportunities when the book has to put one side in a large monetary advantage.

The NHL is one of the most profitable sports there is. The Basic Strategy plays are abundant and the system points out good bets just about every night of the season.

Having this system will make your handicapping time almost completely disappear while growing your bankroll at the same time.

The Systems Are Not All You Get

Sure, you get the systems and strategies.

But you also get me.

I am serious about helping you win and I am putting my money where my mouth is.

You get Me as Your Personal Sports Betting Advisor for life. I take that VERY seriously and am totally committed to helping you win.

My ONLY job is to make you a winner.

That means if you have any questions, at any time, the answer is just an email away. And you will never wait long for the response.

Even if you just want my opinion on a pick, that's OK. I love to talk about sports betting and answering your questions.

Any question, any time, and never any additional charges.

And if that is not enough, there ia also a BONUS to make this the offer of a lifetime.


A Full Big Money Dogs pick email subscription until June 30, 2015.

You will get ALL of the picks by email from now through June 30, 2015, from Big Money Dogs. That's daily picks and betting management from now through the end of June just for trying these systems. You can see their record here.

The bonus alone is worth the cost of the systems. These memberships are sold daily for $77 at the Big Money Dogs site, but you can get yours free just by getting the systems today.

And of course the systems are Guaranteed...



The only question left is the price.

I could easily charge $200 or more and be right in line with everybody. But I want YOU to be able to afford it and benefit from the information so I am not charging anything near that. I told you my offer would be fair and reasonable.


I've told you the secret.

And you have seen proof of my ability to apply it to make big profits compared to professional handicappers.

You get all the systems, all the strategies, and all the support you need to turn the monetary advantage in your favor and finally start taking some of your money back from the books.

To me, it is only the information I use to make money from the books. CONSISTENTLY.

I know your struggle.

Someone known to be reputable and honest has just told you the impossible really does exist.


Believe me, I understand your skepticism.

I know you have heard it all before, but there is a major difference between me and other who have "systems" to sell.

Scammers want to sell you the dream of a risk free fortune with no work, while I want to tell you the truth and how to use it to profit betting on sports with a small amount of effort.

The only question left is will you let me help you become a profitable sports bettor today?

WINNING is a click away.

My promise to you is that you will win money betting on sports using my systems and strategies, and I fully intend to keep that promise.