I know you are here for one reason.

You want to win money betting on sports, and so far that has just not happened for you.

And no matter what you do or have done, the results are always the same. The bankrolls end up at the book. The only difference is the amount of time it takes for that to happen.

You are certainly not alone. The fact is, 90% of all sports bettors lose money. But now you don't have to.

So what's the problem?

Too often, sports betting is presented as a way to make a lot of money quickly. That idea has been forced inside your brain by the books as well as the no lose system sellers and handicappers. That is far from the reality.

The result of that thinking is that your goal of winning can never be achieved, and in trying to make it happen you do dumb things that make success even more unlikely.

There are people out there saying they can win 97% of their bets. Of course, for just $200 you can too. Then the "bet" turns out to be (up to) three games, usually with terrible odds and few betting opportunities. At best you fall far short of the "instant wealth" promised, and at worst you bust a 20 unit bankroll on two lost bets.

Then there are handicappers who tell you they win 60% of their bets and if you pay them a small fortune they will share their picks with you. Of course, it is very possible to win 60% of your bets and lose money. And even if they do profit, The ROI is so low it is probably not enough to cover the cost of their picks. You see, the "professional handicappers" don't make money betting. If they did they would be professional bettors instead of professional handicappers. They make money selling picks. If they could make money betting, they would not need to sell picks.

Both the can't lose system sellers and the handicappers play to the "gambler" inside of you. Gamblers don't make money no matter what game they play, from poker to blackjack to sports betting. Gamblers play for the sake of the bet, and they lose 100% of the time.

The bottom line is this. All of the advice out there centers on winning percentage and uses that for a measure of success because they never come close to the dreamlike expectations that have been set.

That spells disaster for your bankroll because the effort to increase your winning percentage leads you to making bad bets.

Those bad bets, without fail, result in a huge monetary advantage for the books. Either you end up paying for the privilege of betting, or you take crappy lines on a team you expect to win more than it will lose, and pays less than the amount you risk.

The problem is not you or your handicapping skills. It's the bad bets you make.

So stop making them!

Know why can win, and you will win.

There is only one reason you can win money betting sports. The books do not control the rules of the game. If you do not understand that basic fact, you can not possibly understand how to win the game you are playing.

If a casino wanted to increase it's profits in slots, it reduces the payout percentage. Then, with mathematical certainty it could tell beforehand exactly how much additional profit it would make from the change.

If it sought more profit from the Blackjack tables, it could change a rule such as the number of decks used, and again compute with mathematical certainty the effect of the change on it's profits.

In sports betting, they have no control over those things. There is no mathematical certainty they can manipulate, no advantage they control.

That fact is what makes sports betting a potentially profitable pursuit. You, not the books, control the rules of the game you play.

The books offer a lot of bets every day and the vast majority of them are bad. But you only have to bet the ones you want. By choosing only the bets that offer you a monetary advantage over the books, you can do to them what they are trying to do to you.

Instead of trapping yourself in bad bats, trap the book in the ones they are forced to offer.

Swinging the monetary advantage your way.

Winning starts with the understanding that the game is between the book and the bettor. The winner is the one who gains the monetary advantage in the most bets. The winning percentage is a secondary concern and will be determined mainly by the lines you play.

The teams and the game on the field are meaningless and have no bearing on whether or not you will make money. The focus should be on beating the books by eliminating the bad bets, finding the good ones, and controlling the way they are bet.

In other words, taking control over the rules of the game.

Here is a fact that few accept. Handicapping is not that important for the bettor. The books have already done that for you. And trust me, they are better than you at it.

The books have the best handicappers in the business, so why not use that to your advantage? Why spend time handicapping a game when the books have done all the work for you already? If the books say that a team needs three points to make the outcome of a game a 50-50 proposition, who are you to argue with them?

The object is to gain a monetary advantage on the bet, based on the books handicapping of the game.

If the books say it is a 50-50 proposition, then for our purposes it is since they are the competition.

Of course, any time the book creates a 50-50 proposition you have to pay them to play and by doing so guarantee your losses.

In order to gain the monetary advantage, the first thing you have to do is quit paying to play. By eliminating all bets that require you to risk more than the bet will pay, you have nullified a 10% disadvantage on those bets, or leveled the playing field so to speak. Neither you or the books have an advantage, and luck rules the day.

However, from that position it is possible to make a profit from betting. The advantage can be swung in your favor by using the money lines properly and ensuring that you are well rewarded in relation to your risk.

What is the answer?

DIY Sports Betting was written to fill the void between reality and the dream world most people bet from, and to provide the average bettor with a better understanding of the game against the bookie.

The fact is, you can make a profit betting on sports. You can even make millions of dollars doing it if you have millions of dollars to risk. The amount you win will be in close relation to the amount you have to play with. If done right, it can be compounded and eventually turn into some big money, but it will certainly not happen over night and it has to be done the right way.

From a stable foundation in reality, DIY Sports Betting lays out the steps that you must take to win.

You must eliminate your bad bets. You must find the good bets. You must bet them in a controlled manner.

The book covers the basics of the game between you and the books, in a way you have likely never seen it.

It goes into the details of selecting games based on the lines and profitability of the bet based on a Basic Strategy, as well as the correct betting strategy to apply to them.

That is followed by some handicapping guidelines for the four major professional sports in the US.


The handicapping systems are used to verify the value of the game, not find it.

You will be looking at lines to find potential value, and handicapping systems to verify it.

Below you will find a little more information and specifics about the systems and strategies. You will see proof that I know how to win, and that the way you should do it is a polar opposite of what the so-called professionals do.

If you want to succeed where 90% fail, you must do the opposite of that 90% or suffer the same fate.

I know how to win, and I have proven time and again anybody can do it just by applying the principles in DIY Sports Betting.

And you can too.


Amazing Results

It is not only important for you to see what kinds of results you can get using these systems, but you should also know how to measure the results you get to determine your true success.

These systems are not like anything you else you have ever tried and without a proper understanding you might misinterpret your own results using them. The reason for that is you will probably win between 40-45 percent of your bets over the long term. The success of any system should be measured in Net Profit and Return on Investment, not on winning percentage.

I am going to show you with real world results what can be done when these systems are properly applied. The results are from the Best Sports Picks Today website, where I posted picks from 2011 until the middle of 2013 when I got too lazy to continue

Below is a screenshot of the All Time results for the Top 5 handicappers there, from 2011 through 7-25-15. You can check the current results at this link.

I have included the Top 5 handicappers because the systems should be compared to only the best, and I don't want to embarass anyone lower down on the list.

The leader, Mikey Money won 489 out of 893 bets, or 54.75%. His Net Profit is 60.1 units for an ROI of 6.7% per dollar bet.

In second is my system picks, winning 129 of 323 bets, or 39.9%, with a Net profit of 50.6 units and an ROI of 15.66% per dollar bet.

In third is Ace winning 408 of 776 bets, or 52.5%, with a Net profit of 42.5 units and an ROI of 5.47% per dollar bet.

In fourth is Top Dog winning 496 of 1150 bets, or 43.1%, with a profit of 32.4 units and an ROI of 2.81% per dollar bet.

Last is Bets That Win winning 448 of 783 bets, or 57.2%, with a profit of 19.6 units and an ROI of 2.50% per dollar bet.

Here is a summary of what that really says

The player with the highest winning percentage has the lowest ROI.

The player with the lowest winning percentage has the highest ROI

The system picks resulted in an ROI 233% higer than the next best, while losing 15% more bets

Those are the facts, no matter how outrageous it may sound.

Most importantly, it shows the difference between what I do and what the best of the professional handicappers do. And most everyone who bets on sports follow the lead of these handicappers.

What you will learn in these systems is truly different and unique in sports betting. It's time for you to get out of your own way and start winning. There is a better way to bet on sports and now you can learn it.

What you don't know could be costing you a fortune

Opportunity is knocking at your door...

This comprehensive manual takes you through everything. From how the bookies operate to how you can turn that knowledge into money making power for you. If you need to know it, it is in there.

The power is in the knowledge...

Here is some of what you will see in Part One, The Strategy of Sports Betting.

Building the Business Model - This section has my recommendations for bankroll and cash flow management. There is no right or wrong way to manage your money, but there are good ways and bad ways.

Making the Rules of the Game - This is not only the most critical aspect of the winning strategy in any sport, it is also the one thing NEVER mentioned by your run of the mill sports betting expert. The books hand you a huge advantage, and most people hand it right back. Make the rules to your advantage and you will always win, just like a casino does.

The Basic Strategy - Everybody has heard of Basic Strategy in Blackjack. But there is also a very powerful basic strategy for sports betting. I know, because I invented it and use it to take easy money from the sports books. Imagine a basic betting strategy that guarantees you will win money over the long haul. I am about to show it to you.

Smart Progressive Betting - When people think of progressive betting, they think of bet doubling schemes that are doomed to fail. Then they dismiss progressive betting itself as a scam and a sure way to lose money. I am going to show you the "smart" way to use progressive betting to increase your profits by up to 350% over the exact same betting results, with only an additional risk of 1 unit for a three game series.

The truth is, you could just read the first part of the book and know enough to win. And I guarantee you will not find this information anywhere else. I never did.

Personal Support and Coaching

You will not be left alone while you are learning the systems.

You wil not find this information anywhere else. Frankly, it goes against most of what you have probably heard about sports betting.

That's why personal support is so important. You will be learning a totally different way to look at sports betting and while the systems are straightforward and presented in a clear and concise manner you may still have questions. I welcome them.

No matter what the question, even if you just want to discuss a pick you are looking at, I will be there to give you a full explanation. And I will be there for as long as it takes to make a winner out of you.

You will not have to wait days for a response either. Questions are usually answered immediately, and if you are looking for advice on a game you will get it before the game starts.

I am committed to your success from day one.


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Sports betting is about one thing...

Winning Money.

I am ready to show you exactly how to go about doing that.

What I have discovered is that it is really pretty easy once you understand the numbers and what they mean.

The sports books give you a lot of bad bets to choose from, and a few good ones.

DIY Sports Betting is about finding the few good ones, while avoiding the traps the books sets for you.

If you still have questions, I invite you to send me an email so I can give you the straight answers. You don't need trick bets and wild schemes to win, but you do need the facts.

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