Now YOU can win money betting on sports.

You lose because what you know to be right, is wrong.

What do you need to know to win?

The fact is, most of the bets offered every day are what I would call bad bets. They have bad lines, or crappy teams, neither of which will help you profit over the long term.

The books are masters at giving themselves a monetary advantage, and they succeed at that around 95% of the time. When they get the advantage, you lose.

To win, you have to avoid those traps and focus on finding the few that give YOU the monetary advantage.

How do you avoid the traps?

What kind of lines should you bet on?

What kind of teams should you bet on, and which ones do you avoid?

When should you bet on them, or not bet on them?

How many bets should you make every day?

And how much should you bet?

DIY Sports Betting answers all of those questions and more to make sure you have the advantage on every bet you place.

Once you can identify the good bets and bet them with a solid, proven strategy, consistent profits are just a side effect of doing things right.

Stop wasting your time on bad bets

Just 15 minutes a day is all it takes

There is nothing hard about it. You will be able to find your picks every day in less than 15 minutes.

Once you know the right things to look for, you can focus on the picking the best of the best bets instead of looking over all of the bad ones looking for an advantage that the books have already secured for themselves.

You don't need to know the sport, or the players.

You don't have to focus on meaningless stats.

You will elimintae the bad bets, leaving only two or three good ones to look at.

Take the best one of those, and go enjoy your life.

It's that simple.

What do others say about it?


I am a publisher and private hedge fund manager as well as a handicapper in Las Vegas. I found your site(s) by accident, but I can say that after examining your track record betting dogs, you have discovered what I think is the key to winning. You look for leveraged payouts with a lower winning percentage than 98% of all other player would find acceptable.

The mere fact that others cannot accept "low" winning percentages insures us that we have an edge that will not go away. We are contrarians to the fallacious ideas that most sports players hold dear.

Michael R Gibbons


I would strongly recommend this "e" Book and SAM to anyone that is interested in Gambling or maybe just Curious. Either way it is a great insite and refreshing approach to gambling. SAM will definitely save you money.

If you consider yourself a PRO, Then this book will fine tune your skills and definitely help improve your profit margin. Please note that it covers all the major sports and they all have a different approach.

If you are an Amateur, You cannot afford not to read this book. This will show you how to cut your losses and definitely help get you in the black.

I have read this several times and each reading gave me a deeper insite not only on to how to bet, but to look at this like a business. (Just the way the BOOK's look at taking advantage of the betters.)

This BOOK that SAM wrote was the best money I spent in a year. This Book paid for itself by the 2nd. bet. No system is perfect, and neither is this one, But, at least I am making profit and not just winning bet's but losing money.

READ THE BOOK and you will see very quickly what I am talking about. Everyone Bet's to win money, not to just win bet's. This book will show you how to take the emotion out of the game and look at bet's like a business.


PS. If anyone wants this Testimonial verified, You may give them my "e" mail.

Yours Truly,

Larry Kosterewa (xxx) xxx-5589

What kind of results can you expect?

The proof is in the numbers

In the end, it is all about results and DIY Sports Betting blows away even the best professional handicappers.

Below is a screenshot of the results from Best Sports Picks Today, where I tested my systems against the best handicappers around. It reflects the All Time results from the day I started posting there until the day I stopped.

For over 2 years I put the best handicappers to shame using my simple systems. Not just in net profit, but in Return on Investment as well.

I was the top winner of both 2011 and 2012, four times handicapper of the month and five times in second place

I was able to achieve a 15% Return on Investment for every dollar bet, over a two year period.

Using my bankroll management strategy, I doubled my bankroll 5 TIMES. Using my bankroll building strategy, that is enough to take you from a $10 betting unit up to $100.

Even if your results are only half of that, you will still outperform even the best handicappers.

You will do that because you will be making only good bets, while taking on far less risk.

Knowledge is what you need to win

Everything you need to know is here

I have put everything you need to know in ebook form to make it easy for anybody to learn how to beat the books.

Winning starts with my UNIQUE Basic Strategy for sports betting. If you only applied this one simple rule to your betting, you will profit in any sport. I guarantee it.

But that is not even close to everything you get.

      • You get a complete strategy that you can use, starting today, to beat the books at their own game by using their weaknesses against them.

      • You get complete systems for betting on the NFL, NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball.

      • You get free support, directly from me, to answer any questions you may have along the road to winning.

      • You get a free lifetime membership to the Big Money Dogs pick site, where I post my picks from the systems. It is like betting along with me, and getting my results without ever having to lift a finger.

      • You get my BONUS ebook "How to Build Your Bankroll", which will guide you along the way from a small unit to a large one that can put a lot of money in your pocket without increasing your risk.

      • You get the BONUS odds calculator that will tell you what percentage of bets you need to win to break even based on the line, and convert lines from one type to another.

And lastly, I stand behind what I say with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you not winning more after 30 days, just send me an email I will give you a full refund.

I am going to help you win. Period.


Start winning today.

If you keep on doing the same things, you will get the same results.

Do something different, and you get different results.

My systems and strategies are not only different, but REVOLUTIONARY!

They will change the way you look at sports betting.

No more wasted time.

No more wasted money.

And the kicker...

When you are winning money, everything else in your life is better too.

And the investment is small, only a ONE TIME charge of $77 for everything. Most people earn that back in the first week.

Imagine spending less time and energy looking for games, and then winning more money with less risk.

Your results are Guaranteed!

If you still have questions send me an email

One small investment today gets you big returns for life.