The #1 Reason You Lose Money Betting On Sports Is Because The Books Have Set Themselves Up With A Monetary Advantage And You Don't Do Anything About It

But you can take the monetary advantage back

From the Desk of Sam Oconnel,
Sports Betting Advisor and Author
Creater of DIY Sports Betting Systems
ALL TIME ROI leader at Best Sports Picks Today


To All Sports Bettors,

Do you realize that 98% of all sports bettors lose money?

It's a fact. And you might be one of them.

There's a reason for that, and it's not your fault.

The books have set you up to fail, and the vast majority of sports bettors have no idea how they have been set up, or even that they have been set up at all.

The books give themselves a monetary adavantage on most bets and have convinced the masses it's normal.

There is, however, a weakness in their plan.

They can't get that advantage on every bet. That leaves it open for you to grab if you know how.

There's a reason most people don't know about this.

Here's the BIG problem.

There is a 98% probability that everything you know about sports betting strategy came from a loser. Somebody who loses money betting on sports.

What is the ONLY thing a loser can teach you?


If someone doesn't know they have been set up to fail, they can't know how they (and you) have been set up.

You can't solve a problem you don't know exists.

To make matters even worse for you, many of these losers pose as experts. They may call themselves experts. You may think of them as experts. But are they really any better than you?

Many sell sports picks, and charge a high price for assumed knowledge they never reveal. Maybe you win, maybe you don't. Maybe they are experts, maybe not.

Some people even stoop so low as to sell you a dream about a bet that never loses. Experts, to be sure, but of marketing, not sports betting.


Now I need you to open your mind for a minute.

This is hard for a lot of people to imagine.

It's probably hard for you to imagine.

Have you EVER considered the possibility that maybe these "sports betting experts" don't have a clue of what they are talking about?

That they are totally backwards in their thinking, even to the point of totally misunderstanding how to win the game? Just maybe, they wouldn't know a winning strategy if it bit them in the ass.

Is it possible that these people are experts in the wrong way to go about sports betting?

And is it possible that they may be teaching you what they think is the right way to do the wrong thing?

Most likely, they are playing into the books setup themselves yet they are who you look to for imformation and picks.

And just maybe, that's why you have been losing all these years?

It's more than a possibility. It is a 98% probability.

The sad truth is that from the first time you ever looked for sports betting advice, there is a 98% chance you have been getting advice from a loser.

Here is a simple test to see if you have been learning from a loser.

Begin Test.

Do you lose money betting on sports?

End of test.

If you lose money, you learned what you know from a loser.

It really is that simple.

If you keep trusting the same "experts" that have helped you lose money in the past, the odds are very good that you will lose money in the future.

The fact is that you DO have a choice of who you learn from.

If you want to win, start learning from a winner.

Consider this little fact:

It's every bit as easy to learn to win from a winner as it is to learn to lose from a loser.

That's good news for YOU.

It means anybody can learn to win. And with no extra effort.

That's right, even you.

All you have to do is learn from somebody that wins.

How do I know it's that simple?

That's what happened to me.

After years of failure, I got lucky.

I met a successful professional sports bettor and we became friends.

He was willing to teach me how to win.

Just as importantly I was willing to learn what he taught me.

I was sick and tired of losing and had nothing to lose.

With his systems and strategies, I was able to start winning almost immediately.

It will be the same for you. I've seen it over and over again.

With the same systems and strategies, you will start winning immediately too. I will show you where the money is, why it is there, and how to get your fair share of it.

Now I don't expect you to believe me based only on my word. It's OK for me to say I win money betting on sports, but the burden of proof is on me when I say it.

You should expect no less from me. There are scammers all over the place, selling magic systems and massive profits with no risk.

I can tell you I am different, but that doesn't mean you should believe it without proof.

So let me introduce myself, and show you my verified record. You can reach your own conclusions.

Who am I?

I am Sam Oconnel. You have probably never heard of me, and that's fine. It's not who I am that can help you, my name will not win you anything.

I haven't always been a winner. I learned doing things the wrong way too. Caused me a lot of grief.

I spent many years as a loser, and have now been a winner for 5 straight years. I know the road from losing to winning because I have been down it.

A professional sports bettor took me by the hand and led me down that road. I would have never made it without him.

Now I will do it for you to make sure you don't get lost.

I know how it feels to lose, and I know what it takes to win.

I am not some self-proclaimed Harvard graduate who came upon a miracle bet that never loses, except when it does. I am not a "sports betting professor" who has a friend that gave him a secret formula that wins 90% of the time.

Nor am I the kind of guy who wants to feed you a line of crap like that. Life is too short to waste your time with empty promises and hype. The facts will speak for themselves.

I don't even consider myself to be a professional sports bettor. It's just a very profitable hobby and I have a lot of fun with it while making some extra money.

But like I said, I don't expect you to take my word for that. You need some proof.

Let's examine the record.

After having been asked a million times for proof of my systems effectiveness, I signed up at a third party verification site, That has been over a year now.

I started in September 2011. Here are the verified results so far after 14 months.

I was the 2011 Leader for the year.


I won Handicapper of The Month in January and April 2012.

I was Runner Up for Handicapper of the Month 4 Times

October 2011, November 2011, March 2012, October 2012

I was also 4th in May 2012, and 3rd in July 2012.

In 13 months, I have been in the Top 4 in 8 of them.

And this is the 2012 results as of November 21, 2012


And here are the All Time Results as of November 21, 2012


And here is a quick summary:

2 Time Handicapper of the Month

4 Time Runner Up

9 Time Expert of the Week

All Time Leader

Top Winner of 2011

Top Winner of 2012

And these results are against some of the best PAID handicappers on the internet. These are not monkeys with darts. These guys put their reputation on the line with every pick so you know they take it seriously.

You may want to know about the ROI (Return on Investment) when using the systems and strategies. The answer is in the numbers.

What's the return on investment using my betting systems and strategies?

I placed 238 bets with a profit of just over 44 units. 4440 / 238 = 18.6. For every 100 bet made, you got back 118.

An 18.6% ROI. And that is winning only 43% of the documented bets placed over 14 months from the time I signed up.

During the period of March 1, 2012 through October 31, 2012, the record is 48-50 (+2865), or a whopping 29% ROI over a documented 8 month period with a 49% win rate.


And here are the ALL TIME RESULTS as of March 7, 2013


I could go on with more details of my record, but it might start to sound like bragging. Or even worse, hype! If I haven't shown you enough yet I probably never will.

My record is what it is, and I let it speak for itself.

It says I win a lot of money losing more bets than I win. I do that because I know the right strategy to use to win money betting on sports.

And so can you.

My record is important, but there is one more matter of pressing importance to me that I would like to address.

Aside from being a winner, the only other requirement for me to be qualified to teach you to win sports betting is that you trust me. I want to put any questions about me or my record to rest right now.

If you have any concerns about me, or have a question about the systems, CLICK HERE to send me an email. You WILL NOT be added to ANY mailing list. I want to prove myself to you and every question is an opportunity to do that.

Now that's enough about me. I am not that important.

But what is important is what I can show you.

Just the facts.

As you can see from my record, I can't teach you to pick the winner every time.

But what I can teach you is how to take money away from the bookie even if you only win 40% of the time. You have seen the proof.

Soak in the knowledge that it is possible to achieve a 29% ROI per bet, with only a 49% win rate. You've seen the proof yourself, and you can verify it at Best Sports Picks Today.

And I bet you thought anybody who wins less than half of their bets was going to lose money.

Sports betting is about winning money, not winning percentage.

You make money by betting the right games at the right lines.

There's no magic trick, you just play the game the right way by giving yourself an advantage so big the books can't overcome it.

That's what I can teach you.

The question is, are you ready to learn it?

Are you ready to accept the reality?

Let me clue you in on the reality of sports betting.

The money is in the lines you bet, not the winning percentage.

I don't care who you are, if you bet bad lines you are going to lose.

Here's how you have been lead astray.

The experts try to win 60% of their picks, mostly on crappy lines, for a third of the return. And they teach you the same bunk they use and tell you to try to do the same thing.

They have it backwards and don't know it. And they are telling you it is the only way to look at the game.

Almost everybody will tell you it takes a 52.4% win rate to profit betting on sports. That's ridiculous, but the thought sure scares you away from the best lines and biggest profits. Probably by design.

The fact is, 98% of the people are going to win between 40 and 60 percent of their bets. If you bet lines that are profitable with a 40% win rate, you almost CAN NOT lose. If you bet on lines that require a 60% win rate to profit you almost CAN NOT win.

The secret to winning money betting on sports has just been revealed to you

Think about that. Sports betting is the only gambling game there is where you can earn a profit with a 40% win rate while betting only on games you have a 50% chance of winning.

YOU make the rules!!!

Apparently, that fact escapes almost every so-called "expert" I have seen posting (selling) picks on the internet. They do an exercise in futility trying to pick 60% winners on crappy lines and point spreads. If they win half their bets, they lose big money. If they reach their goal they still get a low ROI.

They do it the hard way. Not by choice, they just don't know any better.

And those are the people you have learned from.

I hate to tell you, but they have been leading down the road to Losertown.

You have been taught a game only the bookies can win.

I am going to teach you a new game. One you can win.

IF you are ready to learn it.



Now let me tell you how my DIY Sports Betting Systems can help you.

But first I will tell you what they are NOT.

They are NOT a risky progressive betting scheme.

They are NOT about high risk parlays and other sucker bets

They are NOT about finding a sure bet that never loses

If you want to win, throw luck and trickery out the door right now.

I tried all of the "tricks" and magic systems when I was still a loser. They don't work.

You don't need them anyway.

Once you have my systems, you will win with strategy, skill and knowledge

Skills you can learn using knowledge I will provide.

You will see for yourself that the bookies are really easy to beat if you go about it the right way.

And the books couldn't adjust if they wanted to because the systems are designed to profit off of a fundamental weakness in their own business model.

Here is some of what you will see in Part One, The Strategy of Sports Betting.

Building the Business Model - This section has my recommendations for bankroll and cash flow management. There is no right or wrong way to manage your money, but there are good ways and bad ways.

Making the Rules of the Game - This is not only the most critical aspect of the winning strategy in any sport, it is also the one thing NEVER mentioned by your run of the mill sports betting expert. The books hand you a huge advantage, and most people hand it right back. Make the rules to your advantage and you will always win, just like a casino does.

The Basic Strategy - Everybody has heard of Basic Strategy in Blackjack. But there is also a very powerful basic strategy for sports betting. I know, because I invented it and use it to take easy money from the sports books. Imagine a basic betting strategy that guarantees you will win money over the long haul. I am about to show it to you.

Smart Progressive Betting - When people think of progressive betting, they think of bet doubling schemes that are doomed to fail. Then they dismiss progressive betting itself as a scam and a sure way to lose money. I am going to show you the "smart" way to use progressive betting to increase your profits by up to 350% over the exact same betting results, with only an additional risk of 1 unit for a three game series.

The truth is, you could just read the first part of the book and know enough to win. And I guarantee you will not find this information anywhere else. I never did.

Part Two of the book is the systems for the individuals sports.

There is a system for the NHL, NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

The systems for each sport make it foolproof.

Rather than pick 97% winners, these systems are designed to lead you to the right lines on the right games.

That's how you make money betting on sports.

You will win more money using these systems winning less than half your bets than anybody using that 97% scam wins even if they NEVER lose.

Let me tell you a little more about each system and what they do.



More money is wagered on the NFL than any other sport. That is just another way of saying that the books make more on the NFL than any other sport.

The Complete NFL Betting System will turn the odds in your favor.

There are two ways to play, or really two different systems.

First is the chart based Point Spread system. I give you some charts, a web site to match it up with, and a time to check to ensure they work consistently. I have used them the past three years and never hit less than 57% using this information.

While I am not a big fan of the bad lines that come with point spreads, I've kept the charts in the system because they work for a point spread bettor.

The NFL Money Line betting system has the biggest potential for profit. It has a simple handicapping chart to check for your dog that takes less than 2 minutes and has direct links to where the current information can be found. You should win about 45-50 percent of your bets with it, but at +150 or more that is plenty.

Here's what you will do with this NFL system.

Win up to 60% of your ATS bets

Win up to 50% of your Money Line dog bets

Slash your handicapping time to nothing

Win more money with straight betting

Avoid risky progressive betting

Manage your bankroll effectively


The NFL is not the easiest sport to make money from, but it may be the easiest to lose in. These systems will level the playing field and stack the monetary advantage on your side.

They will help you bring back the profits, and the fun of betting on the NFL.


The Complete NBA Betting System has a Point Spread system based on charts similar to the NFL system in it's ease of use and results.

You get a web site to check, and a time to make them consistent. They have hit from 55 to 59 percent for me using this information for the last three years.

There is also a Money Line system that eliminates bad bets and allows you to pick dogs on the money line with winning consistency.

A big problem with the NBA and money lines is the lack of parity in the league that allows for the best teams to rout the worst teams like clockwork. To win on the money line you will need to create team parity through the rules you play by.

I show you how to do that, and the result is a money line system that eliminates bad bets.

Both systems are simple and deliver results for YOU.

Win up to 59% of your NBA point spread bets

Simple Point Spread charts for easy game selection

Field leveling Money Line System for maximum profits.

No High Risk betting strategies

Make betting on NBA Basketball FUN again!

This is not commonly available information and it makes finding good bets in the NBA fun and amazingly simple.


The Complete Major League Baseball System is the most powerful of it's kind. Using the mild progression described in Part One strategies makes it nearly unbeatable.

Using the strategies in this simple money line system makes it easy to win. Most of your questions can be answered by telling you what the system is NOT.

It's NOT a HIGH RISK bet doubling scheme like the Sports Betting Champ

It's NOT a Bet Against The Public system like the Sports Betting Professor

It's NOT a Parlay arbitrage system like Dr. Jays Infallible Baseball Betting System

It's NOT an assortment of progressive betting schemes like the Bookie Buster

It is just a simple system that uses the money lines in your favor for a sport with a lot of league parity. It is the Triple Crown Winner of baseball betting systems.

It's fun. It's simple. It's profitable.

Winning money betting on baseball is all about using the money lines properly. In a sport where any team can beat any other team, there is a fortune to be made by the smart bettor.

This system guides you to 50-50 games that pay you top dollar. It's almost like playing blackjack, but getting the blackjack payout (or even more) on every winning hand. It's a game that you can hardly lose.

As an option, some mild progressive betting will guarantee a profit with only a 33% win rate by putting up a single extra unit on a three game betting series.

Not only will you win more money playing this system, you will do it in far less time and have a lot more fun.

I haven't watched a baseball game in years, but it's more profitable than ever!!!


The Complete NHL Betting System includes a straight money line betting system, and a puck line system.

The Puck Line system tells you how to find good puck line games to pull big profits out of what is usually a bad bet. You will be able to avoid bad puck line bets while taking advantage of the good ones.

The money line system will help you score big payouts on games that are evenly matched. Often, the books are forced to pay out big bucks to keep the betting balanced. The NHL betting system will help you take advantage of those opportunities.

Taken together, these two systems will have you picking the books pocket every hockey season, and save you a lot of time on top of that.

The NHL is one of the most profitable sports there is, next to MLB. The Basic Strategy plays are abundant and the system points out good bets just about every night of the season.

Having this system will make your handicapping time almost completely disappear while growing your bankroll at the same time.

The NHL is second only to baseball in profits. A lot of league parity and a good long season.

And that's not all you get.

I am serious about helping you win and I am putting my money where my mouth is.

You get Me as Your Personal Sports Betting Advisor for life. I take that VERY seriously and am totally committed to helping you win.

My ONLY job is to make you a winner.


That means if you have any questions, at any time, the answer is just an email away. And you will never wait long for the response.

Even if you just want my opinion on a pick, that's OK. I love to talk about sports betting and answering your questions.

Any question, any time, and never any additional charges.

You get all of this:

The Complete NFL Betting System

The Complete NBA Betting System

The Complete MLB Betting System

The Complete NHL Betting System

The Book of Sports Bettiing Strategy

A Personal Sports Betting Advisor for LIFE!

All in one 53 Page PDF file you can read on anything.

This is not a rehash of the same failed systems you have seen in the past.

It's a whole new way to approach the fine art of sports betting.

I will personally lead you down the road from losing to winning.



For the NEXT 5 4 3 CUSTOMERS ONLY I am giving away a FREE Lifetime Membership to the Big Money Dogs pick service.

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And I will GUARANTEE your success using my systems, strategies, and personal guidance.

I am going to take all the risk out of it for you to get them in your hands by giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Getting these systems today is like a no risk bet you can't lose.

You can get the Complete Set of systems and strategies, look them over, and even use them, TOTALLY RISK FREE.

You Can't Lose With My
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee:

Let me repeat that. Your success in using these systems and strategies and winning more money is completely guaranteed.

You have 60 days to try the systems out. If after 30 days you honestly believe my systems haven't delivered like I said then let me know and I'll issue you a no questions asked refund. Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out my "DIY Sports Betting Systems and Strategies" for up to 60 days, totally at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not.

Everything you need to know to start winning right now is just a click away.

With the Money Back guarantee, the only risk is in not getting this information TODAY!.

Now is the Moment of Truth.

Are you ready to learn how to beat the books, fair and square?

Without trickery or insane risk?

Are you ready to take action to make it happen?

Look at it this way, The small investment is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you could waste on bad bets tommorow.

Less than $20 per sport system, PLUS winning strategies and a sports betting adviser dedicated to helping you win. Now is YOUR chance to get everything you need to win, from a proven winner.

If You're Serious About Winning Money Betting On Sports, You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In These Systems Today !

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Here's to a winning you,


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P.P.S. -- Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you start winning more bets and making more money betting on sports? Probably not!

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