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There are two ways to win when it comes to sports betting.

You can learn to make your own picks that win


You can follow the picks of someone else who wins.

Either way, YOU are about to be a winner.

I am Sam Oconnel.

You have probably seen my free sports picks posted on Facebook and Best Sports Picks Today. Over the last 2 years, those picks have made people a lot of money. I hope you are one of them.

They have made me the All Time Winningest Handicapper at, and the Top Winner of both 2011 and 2012. I'll show you proof in a moment.

But I can't take full credit for that. All I did was apply a simple betting strategy, using simple systems that lead me to best games with the best payouts.

So what makes these systems so different?

Why can a "regular guy" like me (or you) use them to beat the pants off of professional handicappers that charge up to $100 a month for their picks?

It's simple really.

Most sports betting systems are designed to find a SMALL edge of some kind, and then apply a bad betting strategy to it.

The systems I use are built around a solid basic betting strategy with bulit in profitability, then helps you find games that the strategy can be applied to.

In other words, they are almost the exact opposite of any other system you may have used in the past.

That's why they work, and that's why they produce such a large return on investment when compared to what the professional handicappers make (IF they win at all).

My documented bets have achieved a consistent 15 - 20 % Return on Investment over 18 months.

Need some proof?

Here are some screenshots from You can verify these and check current records at the the Pick History page.



ALL TIME RESULTS as of March 7, 2013


As you can see, these systems are not only consistent over days, weeks or months, but years.

That's because the the Basic Strategy the systems are built around WORKS consistently.

They don't just work for me. They work for everybody with the courage to try something new..

Here is what some customers had to say recently.

To  SAM, "DIY Sports Betting Systems",

I would strongly recommend this "e" Book and SAM to anyone that is interested in Gambling or maybe just Curious. Either way it is a great insite and refreshing approach to gambling. SAM will definitely save you money.

If you consider yourself a PRO, Then this book will fine tune your skills and definitely help improve your profit margin. Please note that it covers all the major sports and they all have a different approach. 

If you are an Amateur, You cannot afford not to read this book. This will show you how to cut your losses and definitely help get you in the black.

I have read this several times and each reading gave me a deeper insite not only on to how to bet, but to look at this like a business. (Just the way the BOOK's look at taking advantage of the betters.)

This BOOK that SAM wrote was the best money I spent in a year. This Book paid for itself by the 2nd. bet. No system is perfect, and neither is this one, But, at least I am making profit and not just winning bet's but losing money. 

 READ THE BOOK and you will see very quickly what I am talking about. Everyone Bet's to win money, not to just win bet's. This book will show you how to take the emotion out of the game and look at bet's like a business.


PS. If anyone wants this Testimonial verified, You may give them my "e" mail.

Yours Truly,

Larry Kosterewa (xxx) xxx-5589



Thanks for the great betting system. The incredible thing about the way that you teach is that you dont have to win 95% of your bets to be profitable.

I have seen and used other betting systems that use the 3 game pogression and when you lose one series, the entire season turns into a loser. 

For anyone who is looking for a great method that will make them money, I highly recommend the DIY Sports betting methods. They are simple, easy to understand and will make money in the long run. This won't make you a millionaire (unless of course you have the capital to place large betting units), but it will make you  money on a consistent basis.

I am looking forward to many years of profitable sports betting.





Hi Sam,

I again want to thank you for putting the extra time in helping me. There's really no dollar amount to the value you bring. I am so glad to have bought your system.
What you showed me, I understand it all. I'm absorbing it and have learned to be very selective with my picks. With your help, I was able to win with the Kings on Monday and Blackhawks on Tuesday. My odds are looking much better!



Winning Can Happen To You Too

When I first started sports betting, I did the same things everyone else did. Including losing my ass regularly.

I did my best to follow the right people. The professional handicappers that were winning, or at least claiming to win.

But what really happened was I went from one paid handicapper to next, either catching them on a hot streak or a cold streak on their way to breaking even.

I spent literally years on the sports betting roller coaster. Sometimes I would win a lot, sometimes I would lose a lot, and usually wound up with a smaller bankroll by the end of the season than I started it with. If I had a bankroll left.

I tried some of the scam systems, like the Sports Betting Champ and the Sports Betting Professor. I found out the hard way that a can't lose bet sometimes does, and when it does it can be quite expensive. And all chasing a single unit of profit.

I used to spend a lot of times in forums too. All I wanted was a way to win. All I found were more ways to lose over time.

I was all but ready to give up sports betting all together. It was getting too expensive and I was losing hope of ever turning things around on my own.

Then the unthinkable happened.

About 5 years ago I met a man named Jim, who made his living gambling. He was quite the poker player, but he also made a lot in sports betting.

We became pretty close friends, and while he couldn't really teach me poker (I still suck at it), I was able to take his sports betting knowledge and turn myself into a profitable bettor.

I can never fully repay him for what he gave me.

Once I had the right betting strategy in my hands, and the right systems to apply it, making money got to be pretty easy.

I spent less time looking for games, and almost no time looking at stats.

And here's the kicker...

I won fewer games percentagewise, but made still made a lot more profit.

That's the paradox of sports betting...

Win fewer games, but win more money.

Before, I almost always exceeded a 50% win rate, and almost never showed a profit over a season.

After, I was winning about 40% of my games and getting almost a 20% ROI all year long.

I have since taken the foundation that Jim gave me and greatly improved it. I even put it in writing.

The result is an entirely new approach to sports betting, and a simple way to make it pay off for you. 

What's in the systems?

The DIY Sports Betting Systems and Strategies come as a 53 page PDF file that you can read on any device.

The book has two main parts.

Part One - Sports Betting Strategy

Honestly, somebody could just read this part of the book and know enough to start winning. Sections include:

Building the Business Model - This section has my recommendations to you for bankroll and cash flow management. There is no right or wrong way to manage your money, but there are good ways and bad ways. By controlling the money, both going out and coming in, you will watch your bankroll grow like never before.

Making the Rules of the Game - You will learn how to make the rules. This is not only the most critical aspect of the winning strategy in any sport, it is also the one thing NEVER mentioned by your run of the mill sports betting expert. The books hand you a huge advantage, and most people hand it right back. Make the rules to your advantage and you will always win, just like a casino does.

The Basic Sports Betting Strategy - Everybody has heard of Basic Strategy in Blackjack. But there is also a very powerful basic strategy for sports betting. I know, because I invented it and use it to take easy money from the sports books on any sport. Imagine a basic betting strategy that guarantees you will win money over the long haul. You are about to see it.

Smart Progressive Betting - When you think of progressive betting, you probably think of bet doubling schemes that are doomed to fail. Then you probably dismiss progressive betting itself as a scam and a sure way to lose money. I am going to show you the "smart" way to use progressive betting to increase your profits by up to 35% off of the exact same results without significantly increasing your risk.

If you learn nothing else today, let it be this:

Strategy is King in sports betting.

Most systems are built around finding a SMALL edge on a game, and then applying a betting strategy to it.

My systems are built around a sound, profitable betting strategy, then finding good games to apply it to.

The difference is ENORMOUS.

It's why my systems work when others fail.

It's why two different people playing my systems can pick different games and both will profit over the course of a season.

The money is in the betting strategy, not the winning percentage.

The Basic Sports Betting Strategy takes you to the right lines on the right teams, and the systems lead you to the best games.

Once you understand the Basic Sports Betting Strategy, you will know how to make money betting on sports.


And that's just Part One.

Part Two - The Sports Betting Systems

Once you know the Basic Strategy and how to win, the systems for each of the major professional sports will make finding the best games a quick and painless process.

There are 4 systems in all. Here's a little more about each system.

The Complete Major League Baseball Betting System

The Complete Major League Baseball System is the most powerful of it's kind. Using the mild progression described in Part One strategies makes it nearly unbeatable.

Using the strategies in this simple money line system makes winning easy. Most of your questions can be answered by telling you what the system is NOT.

It's NOT a HIGH RISK bet doubling scheme like the Sports Betting Champ

It's NOT a Bet Against The Public system like the Sports Betting Professor

It's NOT a Parlay arbitrage system like Dr. Jays Infallible Baseball Betting System

It's NOT an assortment of progressive betting schemes like the Bookie Buster

It is just a simple system that uses the money lines in your favor for a sport with a lot of league parity. It is the Triple Crown Winner of baseball betting systems.

It's fun. It's simple. It's profitable.

Winning money betting on baseball is all about using the money lines properly. In a sport where any team can beat any other team, there is a fortune to be made by the smart bettor.

This system guides you to 50-50 games that pay you top dollar. It's almost like playing blackjack, but getting the blackjack payout (or even more) on every winning hand. It's a game that you can hardly lose.

As an option, some mild progressive betting will guarantee a profit with only a 33% win rate by putting up a single extra unit on a three game betting series.

Not only will you win more money playing this system, you will do it in far less time and have a lot more fun. I haven't watched a baseball game in years, but it's more profitable than ever!!!



The Complete NHL Betting System

The Complete NHL Betting System is by far the most powerful hockey betting system on the planet. Every year I use it to pocket huge amounts of cash, and I will help you do the same thing.

The heart of it all is a puck line system that leaves you making 2 to 1 or more on bets you win almost half the time. This system shows you only the best puck line bets available and you can pick the one you want.

It rules out the 80% of the puck line bets that give you no advantage so you can cash in on the 20% that do. If you are betting on puck lines without this system you are probably throwing money down the drain.

There is also a money line system that will help you pick strong dogs without the need to win by two for the bet to pay out. It is also easy to follow, but the puck line system will win you so much you may never even play it!

Between the two, there are bets almost every day the NHL plays.

If hockey is your thing, you MUST have these systems in your collection. And if it's not, once you get these systems and play them it will be.

You don't even have to know the rules of hockey to win. I confess, I don't know anything else about the NHL but how to win A LOT of money betting on it.

Once you have this system, you will too.


The Complete NFL Betting System

More money is wagered on the NFL than any other sport. That is just another way of saying that the books make more on the NFL than any other sport.

The Complete NFL Betting System will turn the odds in your favor. You will be making the best possible payouts on your money line bets and gaining a historical advantage using the point spread charts.

There are two ways to play, or really two different systems.

First is the chart based Point Spread system. I give you some charts, a web site to match it up with, and a time to check to ensure they work consistently. I have used them the past three years and never hit less than 57% using this information.

While I am not a big fan of the -110 lines that come with point spreads, I've kept the charts in the system because they work for a point spread bettor. And with games only one day a week, many people like to bet more than one so these charts provide an advantage for the mulitple game bettor.

The NFL Money Line betting system has the biggest potential for profit. It has a simple handicapping chart to check for your dog that takes less than 2 minutes and has direct links to where the current information can be found. You should win about 45-50 percent of your bets with it, but at +150 or more that is plenty.

Every year you will win many games at +300 or more using the money line system just by filling in and looking at the information on the UNIQUE money line chart.

Here's what you will do with this NFL system.

With the Complete NFL Betting System you will get all the tools you need to win more money every week of the season.



The Complete NBA Betting System

The Complete NBA Betting System has a Point Spread system based on charts similar to the NFL system in it's ease of use and results.

You get a web site to check, and a time to make them consistent. They have hit from 55 to 59 percent for me using this information for the last three years.

There is also a Money Line system that eliminates bad bets and allows you to pick dogs on the money line with winning consistency.

A big problem with the NBA and money lines is the lack of parity in the league that allows for the best teams to rout the worst teams like clockwork. To win on the money line you will need to create team parity through the rules you play by.

I show you how to do that, and the result is a money line system that eliminates bad bets so you can profit from the good ones.

Both systems are simple and deliver results for YOU.

This is not commonly available information and it makes finding good bets in the NBA fun and amazingly simple.



All of the systems are designed to make sports betting easy and fun.

There is no mind numbing formula that takes forever to figure out.

You don't need to spend hours looking at stats.

Winning becomes both FAST and EASY.

You get everything you love about sports betting, without everything you hate about it.

Apply the Basic Strategy, use the systems to find the best games quickly, and go live your life to the fullest.

Sports betting is supposed to be fun. My systems keep it that way, because I use them myself.

Now you can too.


The Complete Sports Betting Package

There is also a SPECIAL BONUS that makes this the complete sports betting package.

What is it?

FREE PICKS FOR LIFE from the Big Money Dogs pick service. You will see actual system picks just about every day, and NEVER pay another nickel for the privilege.

That alone is worth more than the cost of the systems.

And one more thing...

Once you have invested in the systems, you will get full access to me so I can answer any questions you have.

The systems are easy to understand, so you may never have any questions. If not, that's great. But if you do, you should know that I will always be there to answer them completely and thoroughly.

With my systems, free picks for life, and unrivaled support, you will start winning.

That's not a promise I make lightly.

If I didn't know EVERYBODY will win money using these systems, I couldn't sell them.

All I need is a chance to prove myself right.

There is ZERO RISK for giving me the chance.

If you do not start making money, I will give you your money back, IN FULL, with no questions asked.

Look, I know you have seen scammers promsing the world.

They really piss me off, and here's why.

When someone like me comes along that not only CAN help you, but WILL help you, it makes it hard for you to believe what I say.

When I try to tell you the truth, you remember the lies of the scammers.

Even if you don't know it, you associate me with them.

It would be very unfortunate for you to make that association and miss out on the opportunity before you.

I've told you why these systems are different, and my service will show you why I'm different.

If you have any doubts about me, you can send me an email.


I urge you to make the investment in these priceless systems today...

If you keep on doing the same things, you will get the same results.

Do something different, and you get different results.

My systems and strategies are not only different, but REVOLUTIONARY!

They will change the way you look at sports betting.

No more wasted time.

No more wasted money.

And the kicker...

When you are winning money, everything else in your life is better too.

Imagine spending less time and energy looking for games, and then winning more money with less risk.

Then click the button below and make it happen for you.


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