Making money betting on sports has never been this easy

From Sam Oconnel
Sports Bettor and Author
Creater of DIY Sports Betting Systems

Hi my Friend,

You know why you are here, and so do I.

You want to win money betting on sports, and you are looking for help.

You are tired of churning bankrolls into nonexistence.

You are tired of losing YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY to bookies that have too much of it already.

You want to know the truth about winning money betting on sports.

Well, here is the truth.

You can make money betting on sports, just not the way you are doing it now.

You are playing a game you can't win.

And as long as you do you will lose money.

It's not your fault, but you are playing right into the bookies hands.

You are playing the books game, by the books rules.

The same losing game that everybody else plays.

Even professional handicappers are in the same trap as you.

They have no idea they are in it either. They don't know any better.

What do I mean by a game you can't win?

What do you and the pro's have in common?

You base your success on the only statistic that guarantees you will win less money over time the better it gets.

That's right.

The better you get at what you are trying to do now, the more likely you are to lose money doing it.

The bookies know it, too. And they take full advantage of it (and you).

What is that statistic?

It's winning percentage.

For most, this number is the Holy Grail of sports betting.

Some people make a fortune by selling you on the idea of a bet that wins 97% of the time.

They have nothing to teach you about winning money, so they sell you on the idea of never losing a bet.

The truth is the last thing they want you to look for. For me, it's the first.

Here is a truth you might resist knowing, but without knowing it you can not win.

The search for a high winning percentage keeps you losing money.

You may not fully understand it, but I will show you proof in a minute

As odd as it sounds, the higher your winning percentage gets the less return on investment you stand to make.

If you can profit at all.

Here's why...

Bad Lines = High Winning Percentage

Good Lines = High Profit

Whether or not you win money or lose it depends almost entirely on the lines you play.

The higher your break even percentage the less likely you are to win money.

In a minute, I will prove it to you with real life numbers from professional handicappers using actual results that include my own.

What's important right now, IF YOU WANT TO WIN MONEY, is for you to understand that everything you have been taught about winning money sports betting is WRONG!

It locks you into a game you can't win.


It's costing you BIG money.

I know what you are thinking.

Sam is nuts.

He expects me to believe that he is right and the entire rest of the world is wrong about making money betting on sports? He must think he is something special.

I understand your skepticism. I even think it's healthy for you.

Fact is, I am not special...but my results are.

And they prove I must know SOMETHING that few others know. I'll show you what I mean in a minute.

But I know your real question is this.

How is it possible that winning a higher percentage of games means less profit?

Trust me, it IS possible.

You just don't see it it because it goes against what you believe to be right.

It's not a secret either. Nobody is trying to hide it from you.

But it is beyond the comprehension of the average guy on the street and the books know it.

The sad part is that many people will refuse to believe it even when they see Iron Clad Proof.

I've even had people call me names just for revealing the truth to them.

I've been called a liar, a scammer, and many other bad things. But only by those who have not thought enough of themselves to listen to what I say.

Those who have followed me to profit are glad they did.

Will you believe it when you see the numbers?

You will if you want to win.

I told you I would prove what I say with real life results, so here they are.

Above is the All Time Results from Best Sports Picks Today, as of Feb 11, 2014. You can verify this for yourself at and enter 1-1-2011 through todays date.

Of course, note that me and my DIY Sports Betting Systems holds the top spot by a large amount, and have held that position for well over two years.

That proves the systems and strategy I use are far more successful at winning money than professional handicappers.

My results are so much better it also proves what I do is RADICALLY different than what even the best of the professional handicappers are doing.

Here's your proof.

Let's analyze the actual numbers for winning percentage, net profit, and Return on Investment.

You will be shocked at what you see, but the numbers don't lie.

The numbers prove without question that the surest way to decrease your net profit and return on investment is to increase your winning percentage and place a lot of bets on bad lines.

To save time, let's just use the Top 5 players. The best of the best, with a minimum of 300 bets.

129 - 194 +5060 Winning Percentage 39.9% ROI 15.66%

283 - 246 +2741 Winning Percentage 53.5% ROI 5.18%

385 - 355 +2370 Winning Percentage 52.0% ROI 3.20%

139 - 211 +2284 Winning Percentage 39.7% ROI 6.52%

352 - 270 +1975 Winning Percentage 56.6% ROI 3.16%

Look closely at this little chart. It shows clearly that the higher your winning percentage is, the lower your ROI will be IF YOU WIN MONEY.

Of the Top 5, 3 have winning percentages above 50%, and I have at least tripled their ROI and doubled their Net Profit with a 40% win rate.

My Net Profit of +5060 on 323 bets is about the same as numbers 2 and 3 combined on 1269 bets! That's almost 4 times as many bets from two professional handicappers to make the same net profit.

But here's the kicker. My systems and strategy not only allowed me to place 1/4 of the total bets and equal the net profit, but I was able to do that while my winning percentage was 12% less than their combined percentage.

Let that soak in for a minute.

It took TWO professional handicappers placing 4 times the number of bets and winning 12% more to equal the net profit produced by my systems and strategies.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it?

Need a little more evidence?

What about the highest winning percentage at BSPT of those with at least 175 picks?

Mr. Profits Picks has gone 113 - 84 for a 57.3% rate.

And he has achieved that great win rate at a LOSS of almost 20 units (-1952).

It seems to me that winning bad lines can get expensive.

But that is the game you are playing right now.

Do you still want to play that game?

I don't play that game.

If I did, how can I make so much more money with so much less risk while losing so many more bets?

How much sense does that make to you?

Probably none.

It defies logic. It goes against everything you ever thought was right about sports betting.

And that is compared to the best of the Professional Handicappers. I can imagine how it compares to your own results.

Today you have an opportunity to learn a new way to play the game.

A game you can win.

A way to get the same results that I do.

Using the same systems and strategies that I use to get them myself.

There is nothing magic about it.

I am not offering you a bet that never loses.

Winning is not about playing a can't lose bet.

Winning is about playing a can't lose strategy.

You play with a strategy that makes it almost impossible to win.

You lose money now because you play by the books rules, trying to achieve a high enough win rate to overcome the monetary disadvantage you place yourself under.

You MUST change that if you want to win.

You will change it by changing the way you play the game.

You will play a game YOU can win money playing, not matter who you are.

A game where YOU control the rules.

You will play a game you can't lose.

Imagine this.

You walk into a casino and see a Blackjack table with the following rules:

  1. All winning hands pay at least the 3/2 Blackjack payout
  2. You get to see your first card before deciding if you want to bet the hand
  3. Card count is posted right behind the dealer
  4. Dealers post the estimated probability and payout of each hand BEFORE dealing
  5. Dealer will win 55 to 60 percent of the time

Could you lose that game? I think not.

Of course, you will never see a game like this at a casino. It would go broke almost instantly.


Sports betting allows you the flexibility to control the game.

The house has control over every other type of gambling, but in sports betting you have total control over everything. That's why some people can actually win.

That's why YOU can win.

But ONLY if you understand the game and how to put the monetary advantage in your favor.

You must know where the profit is, why it is there, and how to get it.

That's the kind information you will find in DIY Sports Betting Systems.

How to play a different game by making rules that benefit YOU instead of the books.

A NEW and DIFFERENT game that's easy for you to win.

It all starts with a Basic Strategy designed to create the equivalent of the above Blackjack game. If you are not using this strategy ON EVERY BET, your are wasting a lot of money.

Never before has the process of winning money betting on sports been broken down into such a powerful and simple formula for you to follow and win.

It works in any sport, pro or college.

If you do nothing other than follow the Basic Strategy you will win money.

It's that powerful all on it's own.

But it doesn't stop there.

To maximize the profits and elminate most of the bad risk, the Basic Strategy is expanded on with other proven strategies for money management and rule making to shift the odds dramatically in YOUR favor.

Everything from understanding the bookies business model to how to make your own rules to exploit it is covered.

You will master money lines by understanding what the numbers really mean, and how to use them to find profitable bets.

You will know how to use smart progressive betting to increase your net profit by 50% or more on the exact same set of betting results.

You will know everything you need to know to build a can't lose strategy.

As important as the strategy is, it is only half the story.

For maximum profits you must change the way you look at games.

I have spent years on developing the easiest, most productive handicapping practices to use when applying the Basic Strategy.

And you can easily apply them to college sports.

There are value finding systems specifically designed for the NHL, NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

These game value analysis systems combime with the Basic Strategy to form a complete system that shifts the monetary advantage in your favor on every single bet you place.

The key is to keep it simple and follow the systems.

Most people waste A LOT of time looking at stats and teams, when the real competition is the books.

By using my handicapping methods along with the Basic Strategy you will find your games in less than 10 minutes.

The bad lines are eliminated quickly by applying the Basic Strategy, and the remaining games are easy to handicap using the systems.

It doesn't matter if you know anything about the sport, the teams or the players.

All that matters is that you know the books, where they put the money, and why they have no choice but to put it there.

You will beat them with an understanding of their business model, and how to exploit it for profits by shifting the odds in your favor on EVERY BET.

Do you believe the numbers?

I could go on and on hyping my self and my systems, but I think more of you than that.

I have shown you the numbers as proof of what I say. But I know that many people will simply refuse to believe it.

If you are one of those, stop reading.

There is nothing I can do for you. There must be a loser for every winner anyway.

But if you are open to the possibility that what I say is true, and that there is more money in losing 60% of your bets on good lines than winning 55% on bad ones...

And that it just might be FAR EASIER to win 40% of your bets on good lines than it is to win 60% of your bets on bad ones...

I can show you how to make money

I am not going to waste your time with a bunch of hype and BS.

You have better things to do with your time, and so do I.

If you have any questions about the systems, you can just ask me. All you have to do is send me an email.

Send me an email

I am here to answer any question you have about the systems. And you will not get any

The systems are just the beginning

I have a 100% stake in your success, so I give you a lot of backup support to make sure it happens.

Any question, any time, is only an email away. I can't put a vlaue on this service, because for many it is priceless. Any question you ask is like adding a new chapter to the book JUST FOR YOU and your question.

And that is not all you get.

When you get the systems, you also get a place on my EXCLUSIVE Members Only mailing list where you will get system picks sent to you almost every day.

There is only one way to get on this list, and that's by getting the systems.

Once you are on my list, your membership is FREE FOR LIFE.

List members also get free system updates when they are released, FREE FOR LIFE.

Whether you decide to make the picks yourself using my can't lose strategy and systems, or if you just play my picks...

You will win...

I guarantee it with my Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

There is ZERO RISK for trying these systems

You get it all...

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I have shown you PROOF POSITIVE that what I do is different because my results put to shame the best of the professional handicappers at Best Sports Picks Today, and everywhere else.

And that is over a period of YEARS.

I have made it easy and risk free to try out the systems and get the same results for yourself.

The truth is...

You can continue doing the same things you do now.

You can keep playing the same game and getting the same results (or lack of results).

But is that really what you want to do?

Now you know there is a better way.

You have seen the proof, with real numbers.

It's one small investment today that will pay off for the rest of your life.

When I say you can double your net profit, triple your Return on Investment, and do both while cutting your risk in half...I MEAN IT.



I have tried my best to put the truth before you. No hype or garbage. Just the facts about what it takes to win money betting on sports.

I offer nothing more than the opportunity to achieve the same results as I do. I have helped hundreds of people already, and I can help you too.

I am waiting for you. Place a bet on yourself for a change. I'll make sure it pays off BIG for you.

Good luck,



P.S. I know the truth is hard to believe, but that doesn't make it wrong. You have ONE chance to prove it to yourself and this is it.